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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mommy you gotta work late again?

I'm a mother of two children Isaiah my oldest who is 8 years old and my Daughter Imani who is 6 years old,and every time I hear those words mommy you gotta work late again I immediately feel a rush of guilt come over me. I'm an asset protection investigator at a retail store which is just a fancy name for plans clothes security that apprehend shoplifters. So anyone who has every worked in retail knows exactly what I mean when I say the hours can become crazy especially during the Holiday season. My schedule is different every week and I'm off a different day each week.I take my kids to school every morning but I'm only able to put them up from school on a average of twice a week if that; thank God that my mom is able to pick them up each day after she gets off from work. Most days the store doesn't close until 9:30pm which means I don't leave the building until about 10pm and on top of that I don't have a car so I rely on public transportation most nights. when I finally get to my moms house to get that kids its almost 11pm. Once I get to my mom's house that kids are passed out on the couch and I feel so bad that I have to wake them up and drag them out the house so late. We start our mornings at 6:15am and I know they're sleepy so instead of catching the bus when I have extra money I take a lyft home just to get them in the bed faster. I wish all the time that I didn't have to work this job with these crazy hours, but I doing this alone I pay for their education, I live alone and have tons of bills so I have no choice but to keep this job. At times a cry about this and just hope that one day my kids will understand how much I 've sacrificed to keep them happy and give them what they need.


  1. I can sympathize with you. I am glad that you have your mom to help you that is a blessing. This is why I am now grateful that at this time I am able to work for myself and at home so I can be of as much availability as possible for my 7 year old I also have a 17 year old which is why I can understand your plight I had to work work work when he was young. I pray that you get to the point that this becomes your business and allows you to work from home and have more time with your beautiful babies as you all deserve!

    1. Shirley it's a constant struggle dealing with guilt of working so much, but I just pray that when they're older they will fully understand why. I will speak that into existence and hopefully one day this will become a business...Thanks for your support

  2. I'm not stalking LOL you but Instagram notified me of this page and how nice of you to be so authentic and share your life with us. I could relate. I remember those feelings of guilt working at the casino late but I couldn't imagine still having to go through that.
    I pray your situation will get better!

    1. Lol Vina I would never think your stalking me, but I truly appreciate you supporting me. I do believe that my situation will get better!



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