My Love( He's necessary to her so don't let the necessary occur yup!)

So after my last relationship with my kid’s dad I was ready to give up on finding Real Love. (I’ll talk about that volatile relationship in a later post)  Now when your single and have kids it's more of a challenge to find the right one because I refused to bring just anyone around them ,and you also have to take into factor on how your kids vibe with this new person because if your kids don’t like them throw the whole relationship away LOL. I met my honey bunny about 4 years ago (I'll refer to him as such because he's so freaking private lol) and there was just something about him that made me feel completely free; I could be myself around him laugh, joke, be serious and since we worked together he seen that I wasn't afraid to go at it with a shoplifter 😁(we have lots of funny stories about shoplifters) I started to feel a real connection with him and felt like this could be a long term relationship; I'm a sucker for love so I could say a million times that I'm done looking and rather be alone but deep down inside I still want that fairy tale ending and with him I felt like my fairy tale was just getting started. When Isaiah and Imani did finally meet him and get to know him they begin to grow close to him and he became a positive father figure to them and I'm grateful for that. He has made me feel better about myself , he encourages me to reach and achieve my goals, and he also exposes me to so many things I haven't experienced; little thing like taking me on a plane ride for the first time in my life, (He's also made me gain SO much weight lol )my sisters call it happy weight lol.... Now I'm not saying our relationship is perfect because we have our challenges just like any normal couple would, but I truly believe that I've found someone worth being with, it's rare to find a man that willing to love a woman hard and to also love her kids equally hard. I Love you so much for that and I appreciate any and everything you do for me and my crazy kids...... Love you honey bunny😘


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