So, this post is dedicated to my little sister Monique aka Oliver lol well I only call her that but she loves it. So tomorrow my sister will be graduating Indiana university of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree; she has worked so hard to get where she’s at. she was forced to take a semester off because of financial issues but she never let that hold her back. After getting all the financial issues settled she was able to go back and never took any breaks doing every semester she could winter fall spring summer you name it she was enrolled just to make sure she was able to walk across that aisle on time; all while working insane hours. I just can’t believe that my little sister is graduation college I remember when my mom was pregnant with her and how I use to carry her around change her diapers and help feed her. I been telling her for years that I was in charge of her life lol and of course I will always be your first friend (I gotta remind her of this almost every day), but I’m so proud of you Momo and I know there’s nothing but good things coming your way, and I will be monitoring your alcohol intake tonight. Congratulations
Love u Oliver