I can truly say that as I have gotten older my sisters have become my best friends and I have never felt as close to them as I have felt over the past couple years. Now I’m the oldest of four girls and of course at a young age your sisters can drive you insane; and trust me we did have our moments when we would be at each other throats, fighting and at times not even talking to each other. Even through all that I was still the big sister and sometimes played the second mom role when our mom was working; I would cook dinner, wash clothes and thing I hated the most and they could all tell y’all this and that was braid their hair ugh I hated doing hair; I even messed my sister hair up on purpose once so that my mom would stop making me do their hair, my sister was pissed but it worked LOL. Fast-forward to our adult years and although we had some rough patches we have always been there for one another, being a single mom is 100% hard all the time and my sisters are like three other parents to Isaiah and Imani; they help me when I need someone to watch them so that I can go to work, they help me with expenses, whatever I might need they’re there to help no matter what. I don’t know what I would do without any of them and I’m loving how strong our bonds have gotten over the years. I know I rarely show emotions but I love all my sisters Ebony, Andrea, and Momo, so in the words of Brandy because this song makes me think of yall.
“I don't know what I'd ever do without you
From the beginning to the end
You've always been here by my side
So I'll call you my best friend
Through the good times and the bad ones
Whether I lose or if I win
I know one thing that never changes and
That's you as my best friend”


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    1. lol don't call me that....Love you too loop

  2. Hang Out with your best friends:


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