Time and Distance

Now, if y'all been following my blog than y'all know that my boyfriend of four years recently moved to Atlanta to join the Atlanta Police department. Now, we're both from Philly and me and the kids stayed behind (Isaiah and Imani are my children). So, Atlanta is 12 hours away driving and more with all the stops in between. Flights are 2 hours, but the way my pockets are set up and the prices of the airlines, I won’t be taking any flights this summer. The day he left y'all, I tried so hard to keep it together because I was trying to be strong and at times I hate showing emotion. I helped him pack up his car, made sure he had everything, and as the time got closer and closer for him to get in that car I just felt all my emotions starting to come to the surface getting ready to boil over. As we stood there hugging, kissing, and saying our "I'll miss u's", my vision started to become blurry and I knew that tears would soon follow; so in that moment I said my last bye and walked away. At that exact moment my mom called me to see what I was up to and that's when the overflow started, and I couldn't keep it bottled up any longer, and I just balled my eyes out. As most moms do, she comforted me and told me everything will be fine. After getting off the phone with her I went to my room and just cried for a few minutes because I couldn't stay sad for long. I had to jump back into mommy mode, get the kids together, and get ready for work. Fast-forward to now, its officially been a month and four days since I seen him and I miss him so much; it’s hard to go from seeing him about 6 days a week, to not seeing him at all. We don't even video chat because we have two different phone services. I'm cheap so I have metro PCs and he has an iPhone. We talk and text everyday, but it’s still not the same as having him right next to me. As the days have gone by it has gotten a little easier accepting that things are different and will be different for a while; although I'm completely and totally ready to make that move to be with him I made a conscience decision not to push the issues and let things happen organically. I'm apart of a woman’s group and I asked the question, "has anyone ever been in a long distance relationship and if so, for how long and did it work out?". The advice I got was that there has to be lots of communication and constant visits and that if we both want this, things will work out naturally. I totally believe that and believe that things will happen in due time (although I needs it to happen now LOL), but I'm willing to take this journey with my honey bunny. And guess what guys?! He's coming home this weekend for my mom’s wedding and I might let y'all know how that goes lol😉😆😏😜