“redefining motherhood, my rules, my way, oh and making it look and feel good as I do it” 
Hey Readers and everyone that has been supporting Diary of a Black Mom for the past year although I haven't been consent on my blog because of personal reason and just not feeling motivated to write I'm actually happy to be back.  so far, my blog has consisted of various post if my thoughts and feels and that will always be a major part of my blog, but I wanted to switch things up and start interviewing people that are interesting to me that could be musicians, makeup artist, or community etc.  want to bring a spotlight to others amazing inspiring, or just plain bomb people. 
So, with being said my first ever interviewee was Brooklyn native Treanna Neufville ask the MakeupMommyMakeupMommy is an amazing make- up artist who is redefining motherhood through beauty, sharing her mom life while helping busy moms, and creating 10 min make-up routines. I was able to have a conversation with Treanna who wearing so many hats as she balances a career as a high school teacher, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger, and also advocates for self-care, but most importantly she's a mom of two boys and has also been married for 9 years.  this open and honest interview discusses topics from the importance of self-care, the stigma on the role of the black mother; to beginner tips for women wanting to explore make-up. This conversation is sprinkles in tips inspiration and self-reflection.  The interview was conducted through Instagram Dms because I wanted to try an informal interview as if we were two girlfriends just texting back and forth. Now let's get into this interview! 
DiaryofaBlackMom: Hey Treanna aka MakeupMommyso, I been following you for a while via Instagram and although I don’t know you personally you seem like a really bubbly down to earth person someone I could hang out with. So, from your Instagram title it's safe to say you’re a mother could you tell us a little more about yourself.  
MakeupMommyHi love lol you can tell I'm bubbly. Well yea that’s me in real life, from 9-5 or should I say 8-3 I'm a high school teacher and now a mom beauty and lifestyle blogger and makeup artist that helps busy mamas incorporate more self-care into their lives through beauty. I'm very passionate about supporting and encouraging moms to take out more time for themselves and make self-care a regular part of their everyday routines......... and yes, I'm a boy mamma, I have two beautiful and amazing boys, Adonis who is12 and Arius who is 8. I'm married to my baby daddy and best friend for the last 9 years.  
DiaryofaBlackMomI see that you have a lot of patience because girl I don’t think I could ever be a teacher because I get frustrated with my own kids. I can only imagine dealing with teenagers LOL … Your kids are close to the same age as my kids, and 9 years of marriage yesses because relationships are hard work. 
MakeupMommyTeaching & raising children will help you work in patience. Don’t get it twisted I go off sometimes on my kids and my other kids (students) too, but they know it's all love. 
DiaryofaBlackMomLOL sometimes you gotta let them know you ain’t  the one to be played with.  
MakeupMommyMarriage yes girl it's been quite a journey its teaching me so much about myself and what commitment and true partnership looks like.  
DiaryofaBlackMomI'm not married but I can't wait for that commitment.  
MakeupMommycan’t wait for you to experience it either.  
DiaryofaBlackMomSo how where you introduced to make-up was it something you always enjoyed while growing up, the girly girl or did make-up gradually grow to be something you enjoyed. 
MakeupMommy:  My passion for beauty began as I was battling postpartum depression after having my second son. I was watching YouTube one night during a feeding; what I was captured by was the way she just seemed at peace in her room chilling and enjoying herself. She was a whole vibe vibe that I missed. I had lost my entire self after marriage and the boys. I threw myself into my role as a mom and wife and totally neglected who I used to be. So, after watching that video I was like Mmm maybe I should try this, learn a new hobby something that didn’t incorporate my kids or husband; something just for me and so I did and I fell in love with the process and slowly found myself again. My love for beauty fueled myself love & self-care journey and gave me the courage to myself and my needs at the forefront of my life. So, I always say make-up helped me fall in love with myself all over again.  
DiaryofaBlackMomunderstand where you're coming from because women naturally give all of themselves when it comes to kids and husband's, and we often forget that we need breaks too; we need to make sure that we are taken care of and not feeling neglected. So, with the postpartum did it take you awhile to figure out that you were battling it, and have you been vocal about the struggle because many women suffer in silence 
MakeupMommyYea at first, I didn’t admit it, I was like postpartum who has time for that? I'm in school full time, working full time, I have two kids, a husband, and a household to run. I don’t have time to focus on what I'm feeling, I have to keep going. But when things weren't getting better and I felt like I was failing as a mom, my relationship started suffering, I couldn’t concentrate on school I had to buckle down.  I spoke with my doctor, then my husband, and my mom about what I was feeling. My doctor encouraged me to take time for me, ask for help and do more things to make me happy; so, I listened. I started eating healthier, exercising, journaling, and doing make-up as a profession not just a hobby. All these things eventually led me to finally go to therapy something I avoided for so long.  
DiaryofaBlackMom So, I’m glad that you had the courage to seek help when you knew that the feeling was something that you could just push to the side. I think black women feel like we have to be supermom or super wife and just keep all our emotions bottled up and pushed to the sideI'm guilty of this myself I will pretend that I'm cool just so nobody sees me at my breaking point. Omg and therapy that’s something I feel like I need to do myself.  
MakeupMommy Girl as black women we wear that being strong badge as a shield of honor, and I get that’s what we seen growing up for generations our women have held it down and did a good job at it, but to the expense and detriment of themselves and their own mental health. I didn’t want to be that; I'm ok with saying I'm not ok. Therapy has been so helpful; I see a huge change in my approach to life and my needs and how I see myself. 
 MakeupMommy:  You should look into therapy when you find the right therapist it can change your life. 
DiaryofaBlackMomI’ll definitely will because girl sometimes the way you grow up is enough to see a therapist because believe you carry those traits into your adult life. 
MakeupMommyYup we carry all of it and I didn’t want to burden my children with childhood traumas. I had to make a change; take care of me.  give them a happy healthy mama who loves life so they can. 
DiaryofaBlackMomGotta set a positive foundation for your children. 
MakeupMommyYes, that’s how you start to break those generational cycles.  
DiaryofaBlackMomSo after you seen the youtuber and decided; ok I think I wannna try make-up as a hobby just to see how it is; what was your first shopping trip for products like; because I wouldn’t know where to start the most I wore on my face was Blistex LOL. 
MakeupMommy:  Girl I was a mess I bought the wrong foundation shade, black pencil to do my brows, and was wearing all types of eyeshadow and lip colors I had no business wearing. But back then you couldn’t tell me nothing; I didn’t care it felt SOOO good to be doing something for me, but you know ignorance is bliss; and to think that now 8 years later I'm helping women with their makeup shopping experiences 
DiaryofaBlackMom  LMAO listen you were learning we all gotta start somewhere. I been trying to learn I even purchased some make-up maybe a month ago and when I was done, I looked crazy. 
MakeupMommy See so that’s what I do I help moms with their make-up routines. I know that I wasn’t the only mom who went through those feelings, the only one needing a break, a way to love on herself a little bit. That’s why I started Modern Day Makeup Mommy, to share my experiences and teach mamas that beauty can be a form of self-care; something you can do daily to take time for you, a simple make-up routine can go a long way. It's my hopes to help mamas redefine motherhood making it look &feel good.  
DiaryofaBlackMomI noticed that self-care is an important component of your life.; I seen a few of your Instagram lives where you talk about it and even mention it in your blog. Why do you think it's important for women to engage in self-care?  and what are some ways to guarantee that you make time for it.  
MakeupMommyWe’re nurtures by nature, taking care of people is what we’re good at, but so many of us lack doing it for ourselves, we see it as if we’re not deserving of it. but if we can do it for others then we definitely can and should do it for ourselves. We need to indulge in self-care regularly because as moms, wives, career women, and all the other roles we fulfill. We need to take time to recharge, reset and that’s partially what self-care is about. The other part is about being a woman and learning about ourselves on a deeper level. As we go through life we’re constantly learning and evolving into better versions of ourselves and she needs to be nourished, cared for, and heard. My self-care is something I'm passionate about hubby and the boys know mommy needs her me time. I like to get up early journal, do some bible reading, exercising, and reading or listening to audibles and podcasts. And of course, playing in make-up and teaching other mamas about make-up.... oh, and my therapy sessions.  
DiaryofaBlackMomExactly because there are times when I'll do things for the kids and leave myself out, just telling myself I don’t need that, I'll be fine as long as the kids are good. Sometimes I gotta try to remind myself to do at least something nice for myself once in a while. 
MakeupMommy It’s a must; happy mama happy babies, you can't pour from an empty cup. 
MakeupMommy How can you give the kids everything and not find your deserving of at least 10 min. That logic is cray but it's something that perpetuated by our society; that’s why I stopped listening to the world years.  I make my own rules when it comes to motherhood and beauty; that way the only opinion that matters are mine and that the only one I care to listen to.  yup #redefiningmotherhood my rules, my way oh and, making it look and feel good as I do it.  
DiaryofaBlackMom:  I love that! 
DiaryofaBlackMom So, you have your business as a make-up artist and you teach make-up classes and you also help with the shopping experience. Those businesses must be your babies being as those this started as just a hobby. How does that you feel? And where do you see your businesses going in the future.  
MakeupMommyThis is my new baby! I'm in the beginning stages and already learning so much more about myself, it's scary, hard, exciting, and fun all at the same time. I knew in my 20s I planned on being retired by 40 so as far as the future goes, I plan on making my beauty coaching and blogging my full-time gig. I have a product that I'm launching this fall that I'm super excited about and proud of. A beauty & lifestyle brand where I'll be selling my own makeup and brushes along with apparel to encourage moms to redefine motherhood through beauty. So, I'm working on a lot and just taking it day by day enjoying and appreciating the journey 
DiaryofaBlackMom:  That’s so exciting and I'm happy for you I can't wait for your products to drop so that I can definitely support you.  
DiaryofaBlackMom:  So, what are your favorite makeup lines as of now and what are some brand that might be easier to use for moms that want something quick and also beginner friendly.  
MakeupMommyFor beginners I'd day start out with affordable stuff and then as you learn and gain confidence then you can splurge a little. Some of my fav affordable brands are Black Opal, Mented Cosmetics, Maybelline, Elf, Milani, and Juvias place. Now I also love me some Fenty, MAC &Nars. 
DiaryofaBlackMomI been looking at Mented Cosmetics because it looks easy and also the lip bar. 
MakeupMommy Lip bar has the fast face system perfect for us mamas.  
DiaryofaBlackMom:  Yes, I wanna try lip bar so bad.......... So, I know you're based in New York my favorite city ever. How have you been holding up and do you have any events coming up soon, most likely virtual events. Also give us a run-down of where we can contact you for any of your services.   
MakeupMommy Well I’m in Brooklyn and it’s the best city in the world LOL. But yes, I’ll be having my first virtual make-up class Saturday June 6thIt's going to be Makeup Mommys & Mimosas brunch style, with music and I'll be showing moms how to create a simple day time look and teaching them about products and makeup tools they need to create it. Yes, you can find me on Instagram it's my favorite social media place to hang out. @modernDay_MakeupMommy and my blog where I share my mom life raising two boys and everyday beauty tips at 
DiaryofaBlackMomThank you so much Treanna for being my first interviewee; I'm sending all positivity to you. Your business gives women so much self-worth so that they can learn to love themselves again. I can't wait for your products launch and hopefully we can talk again when it gets closer to the date. Also, I can't wait until things get back to normal because when you're able to have a regular event I'm coming; any excuse for me to come visit NY. 
MakeupMommyYes, boo thang so happy to support and can't wait for the blog to drop! Feel free to reach out summer time is coming so I’ll be off!!! Wishing you so much love and success have a great weekend love. 
DiaryofaBlackMom: Thank You!!